Performances / Theatre projects

  • 2008 : «7up and some down», play for 11 sculptures and one performer. Hommage to Willem Bouter. Text : Nico Helminger. Director: Ali Abdullah. Actor : Marco Lorenzini. National Theatre of Luxembourg.
  • 2008 : «Les soubresauts du démon» (The convulsions of the demon). Dance Theatre. Choreography: Claire Lesbros.

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Photos : Raymond Clement

  • 2006 : «Percussion and sculpture». With Sven Kieffer. Fringe Festival, TNL (L).
  • 2006 : «Eng grouss Piisch». Costumes & choreography: Claire Lesbros.
  • 2002 : «Abirkalabim». Costumes & choreography: Claire Lesbros.
  • 1998 : «Ikarus’ Lustige Witwe, oder wie man eine Wand anstreicht». Music-Dance-Theatre. Concept und set: Willem Bouter; Organisation and costumes: mjk; Music: Marco Kraus; Choreography: Raymond Colling; Texts: Michèle Thoma; Light: Isabelle Lutz. Coproduction Teatro Vivace and National Theatre of Luxembourg. Centre Culturel Larei Vianden, Kulturfabrik Esch/Alzette und E-Werk. Weimar 1999 Cultural City of Europe (D).
  • 1997 : «Night Heads». Music: Michel Zeches; piano: Gulnora Sultanova.
  • 1996 : «La vida de cada canto». Music: Camille Kerger; accordeon: Maurizio Spiridigliozzi; dance: Annette Binder. Gallery Schweitzer, Luxembourg (L).
  • 1995 : «Le Mariage de Pythagore». MultiArtPerformance. Set and musical instruments: Willem Bouter; music: Marco Kraus; choreography: Raymond Colling; texts: Jean Portante; luminography: Isabelle Lutz; costumes: mjk. Teatro Vivace for “Luxembourg, European Capital of Culture 1995” at the castle of Vianden (L).
  • 1991 : «La mort expulsée l’amour explose». Video-performance with Théakiné. Concept and production: Vincent Marquotte; music: Jean-Luc Streff; Video: Linda Bouter / Johan Toxopeus.
  • 1990 : «himmel an hell». With: sculptures in textile by mjk; “live” painting by Isabelle Lutz; texts by Lambert Schlechter; speaker: Conny Scheel; music by and with André Mergenthaler.
  • 1989 : «Les Anacéphalès Desmoptérygiques». With Théakiné and the piano duo Kraus / Marinova, music by Marco Kraus. Encounter Lithuania-Luxembourg. Contemporary Arts Festival, Liège (B)